Werner Ayers, L.L.P. is a small litigation law firm capable of responding quickly and effectively  to the legal needs of our clients because we take the time to learn about our clients, their business and their goals. With this knowledge and our experience we are able to tailor creative and economic solutions appropriate to each individual client. The lawyers at the Firm take pride in our relationships with our clients and in the work we perform with them. 
Werner Ayers, L.L.P. routinely prosecutes and defends both commercial and tort litigation matters in Texas and elsewhere. For example:
Philip Werner, managing partner, serves as lead defense counsel throughout Texas and across the United States for various Fortune 100 companies in cases alleging injuries due to exposure to asbestos or other chemicals in the work place.
David Ayers, partner, serves as national defense counsel, coordinating and defending a mass tort docket across the country for a Fortune 100 company
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